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Rot-Gut Whiskey in the Neon Lights – The Dead Soldiers at DKDC

Every now and then I like to escape the magnetic pull of the Memphis South Main district, and see what the rest of the city is up to. So last night I grabbed a buddy and met up with a few more at DKDC in Cooper Young to see what The Dead Soldiers had in store. I am always impressed with these guys when I can catch them. Given the oversaturation of bands like Mumford and Sons and The Avett Brothers, The Dead Soldiers’ style borders on the edge of “eh, I’ve heard this shit before,” but they manage to make it just unique enough to keep me listening. I would describe them as bluegrass-country with some Memphis stank on it.

I was a little disappointed about the size of the venue. I don’t mind an intimate setting if that’s what you’re going for, but when you’re playing boot-stomping songs like “Tennessee Quickstep” it helps when you have room to dance without almost taking out the bass player. If you’re a band that has been known to easily fill up The Hi-Tone, you probably shouldn’t play a spot that can only hold about 50 people comfortably.

Close quarters aside, the crowd was feeling all the energy the band could pump out. The highlight of my night was watching a friend try to do her best slowed-down interpretation of “Thriller” dance moves to the funky undertones of The Soldier’s song “Church.” Who doesn’t want to get down and dirty with lyrics like, “drinking rot-gut whiskey, in the neon lights?” I think we’ve all been there.