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Juicy J and Project Pat Tear It Up at Minglewood Hall


So Colt 45 and K97 got together and made quite a few Memphians very happy by putting on Juicy J and Project Pat at Minglewood Hall. Now I know most people would take one look at me and think I don’t have any business going to this show, but let me tell you something. I remember rolling around in my cousin’s old car bumpin’ “Tear Da Club Up” just as well as everyone else that grew up in this great city. I did my first twerk at 616 Marshall Avenue, and last night I was pleasantly surprised that I can still get that low without breaking a hip. It was just as sweaty and dirty as I wanted it to be. We dusted our shoulders off, we showed out, the bandz made her dance, me dance, and errbody dance!

Considering all of the social unrest going around lately sparked by the Ferguson shooting, and overflowing into our town with the Kroger parking lot fight, it was refreshing to see a group of people from all parts of town, and all walks of life, united by the common goal of watching some of our favorite artists at work. Sure a few drunken skirmishes broke out here and there, but the only shots taken all night were of the liquid variety. Getting up for work was a little harder this morning, and my ears are still ringing worse than after a night at Raiford’s, but it is a small price to pay for another unforgettable Memphis moment.